Mission and Values



In the world of investment we believe in sustainable strategies that focus on the long term; holistic assessments of corporate activities and client investment decisions that create sustainable value. This is PIRC’s vision that guides our people, our business strategies and our work for responsible shareowners.


    • To maintain our dynamic and respected profile as a leader on corporate governance.
    • To maintain our reputation for quality research.
    • To maintain a robust private company business model to deliver services on a sustainable, transparent and principled financial basis that treats staff, clients and suppliers in an open and fair manner.
    • To continuously manage and develop our resources so as to operate effectively and efficiently in all market environments.
    • To continuously invest in product and service development through applying the skills and motivation of our staff, our research capacities, technology and new ideas.
    • To continuously listen to our clients, staff and others and to behave positively, constructively and in a principled manner.