What we do

PIRC has become a globally recognised independent expert in corporate governance. From a foundation of critical and comprehensive data, research and analysis, PIRC’s services for asset owners and asset managers focus on capital stewardship for the long term investor. The maintenance of company capital, the effective exercise of shareowner rights and an active engagement in capital market reform are at the heart of the PIRC perspective.


The core of our business is the monitoring of companies on behalf of institutional shareowners. Our analysis of portfolio companies helps to underpin our clients’ portfolio management process.


We also provide both voting and engagement services to our clients to facilitate and support the exercise of their shareowner rights.


PIRC’s global proxy research and voting recommendations are based on companies’ public disclosures and other sources of information, such as direct engagement with companies and other stakeholders.


Increasingly we work with clients to help them take a strategic view on corporate governance and social responsibility at their portfolio companies, rather than just a snapshot at the time of a given company meeting.


From the PIRC perspective identifying and mitigating governance risk lies at the core of our comprehensive services. Our latest innovative service for clients is a Corporate Governance Risk Rating to more clearly identify where potential risks lie in their portfolio companies, to both inform portfolio construction and to facilitate  focused company engagement.


PIRC clients have unique access to comprehensive data on public companies around the world. We work with clients developing unique individual services for them, drawing on our database.