Policy Development


PIRC has extensive experience of working with clients to develop their own voting and engagement policies. Our advice on policy development is based on specialist knowledge of both existing frameworks – such as the UK Corporate Governance Code – and best practice amongst other investors. PIRC is able to provide custom research using our large historic database of corporate governance issues and trends.


More advanced client policy development frequently leads to a bespoke voting arrangement. In certain cases, policy development with clients will encompass particular practices currently in place and whether to revise them. Examples might be reviewing a pension fund’s Statement of Investment Principles, or an asset manager’s policy on public disclosure of voting records.


Clients also have access to policy advice from our corporate governance team. We have found that in practice extra support is sometime required when faced with or with unusual policy issues,  such as resolutions that fall outside their own guidelines. PIRC therefore provides additional on-the-spot policy advice if needed.