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We live in a complicated, fast-changing world of interlinking environmental, social and governance issues which effects every investor differently.

That is why PIRC never offers one size fits all advice but works with clients on the issues that matter to them. It is why PIRC prides itself on nuanced advice based on radical research that challenges perceptions of ESG risks rather than relying on a staid formula. And it is why our team is made up of highly trained, experienced experts committed to providing advice and finding solutions that meet the clients’ needs.

As the UK’s original provider of responsible investment and stewardship advice, pushing the ESG boundaries is built into PIRC’s culture. It also means PIRC has over 30 years experience in enabling major international investors navigate a complex environment by:

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    Working with clients to understand their ESG priorities and design responsible investment policies that go beyond the usual boilerplate platitudes.

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    Enabling clients to meet responsible investment reporting requirements and exceed best practices.

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    Providing training and seminars with leading experts, including from outside the investment world, to enhance client understanding of ESG risks.

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    Advising clients on effectively engaging policymakers and regulators on reforms that support responsible investors and promote the highest corporate standards.


  • RI Policies

    Responsible investment policies are the foundation on which ESG activities are built. We work with clients to produce policies and statements focused on their responsible investment priorities and designed to shape their ESG plans.


  • Best practice code compliance

    Industry codes help ensure clients are following responsible investment best practices. PIRC supports and advises clients on meeting standards such as the Stewardship Code and PRI reporting.


  • Public policy

    Regulation and government policy shape the environment in which responsible investors operate. To support the interests of long-term investors, PIRC advises clients on public policy matters, including, regulatory reforms, consultations, and engagement with the policymaking process.


  • Training

    PIRC provides training on the basics of responsible investment to the more technical aspects of the industry.


  • Conference & seminars

    To help inform clients and their stakeholders, PIRC organises conferences and seminars to provide insights from industry leaders and stakeholders on responsible investment issues.


  • Presentations

    As part of our approach to transparency, we provide face-to-face feedback to clients on work undertaken on their behalf, including at pension committees and annual meetings of scheme members. PIRC also provides presentations and in person advice on ESG risks.


  • Climate change

    Climate change is a top concern for us and our clients. We offer a range of advisory services, including on climate policies, code compliance, training and presentations and briefings on emerging issues.


  • LGPS

    PIRC was founded by eight UK local authority pension funds in the 1980s and continues to this day its close relationship with the LGPS. PIRC has extensive knowledge and experience providing advice and support to funds and pools on their specific regulatory requirements and ESG needs as public-facing administering authorities.


Northern LGPS Responsible Investment Guide
PIRC worked with Northern LGPS to understand their ESG priorities and draft a responsible investment policy to meet the needs of the £50 billion pension pool.

Northern LGPS is England and Wales’s largest local government pension pool with a strong focus on the financial importance of ESG factors and routed in the community in which its beneficiaries have served.

PIRC worked with Northern LGPS to understand the priorities of the member funds, how it acts in accordance with the interests of beneficiaries and the initiatives in which it is involved. Based on this information PIRC drafted a responsible investment policy suited to the pool’s beliefs and interests.

The policy provides an overview of Northern LGPS’ focus themes and expectations of investee companies, including a just transition to net zero, a strong emphasis on employment standards and how the investment pool can make a positive contribution to the region.

The document also set out the pools reporting commitments alongside its approach to implementing the policies, including engagement, voting, filing resolutions and public policy advocacy.

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