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PIRC is an industry-leading ESG data provider because we are focused squarely on enabling clients to make decisions with confidence. This reputation is based not just on reliable information but analysis that doesn’t shy away from providing powerful and robust ESG insights.

PIRC’s data services are led by analysts specially trained to produce investment-relevant information that clients demand. And through our proprietary risk rating model, we provide rigorous and consistent insights into company and portfolio risk. Covering every client equity across the globe we are proud to support and inform the engagement and investment strategies of major international investors.

PIRC’s approach is to not just look at risk but also performance. Our experienced team tracks investment performance against peers so clients can understand how to protect and enhance shareholder returns.

Together our data services aim not only to give investors detailed information but also provide the decision-useful insights that our clients truly value. That is why we judge our service not just on the quality and quantity of the data, but its relevance to clients understanding and management of risk.


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Improving investment performance through analytics
PIRC’s dedicated Local Authority Pension Performance Analytics service benchmarks performance for Local Government Pension Scheme funds to help inform investment decisions.

Delivered by our investment specialists, this service provides analysis of fund performance for over 60 clients with over £200 billion of assets. The analysis covers performance over the past year, takes a longer view of returns and provides deep dive analysis into the results by asset class.
The analysis provides clients with insights into why some funds are performing better than others and shareholder returns by investment strategy.

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Improving stewardship decisions

PIRC holds extensive environmental, social and governance data on individual companies. This data is used to help improve and inform the stewardship decisions and activities of investors with over £1tr assets under management. We do so by providing:

  • ESG insights into thousands of listed companies
  • Hundred of datapoints on individual companies
  • Governance risk rating model to identify high-risk investee companies
  • Analysis of market trends on ESG and historical data to understand and track individual changes at companies
  • Proxy voting records to provide insights to investor concerns and wider market behaviour