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Never afraid to take robust voting positions, PIRC advises and supports its clients to vote for changes needed to support the highest standards of corporate governance to protect shareholder value.

A pioneer in proxy research and voting, PIRC has led the way in integrating environmental and social issues into AGM votes. To this day PIRC leads where others follow on specialist climate voting alerts and co-filing resolutions.

PIRC is also a first mover on split voting. Teaming up with Tumelo we are supporting our clients to take their own voting positions on the shares they hold in pooled index funds. Using our expertise in voting alongside our relationships within the finance sector, PIRC has secured agreement with major international asset managers to enable this industry defining shift in the way clients exercise their stewardship duties.

PIRC believes in being transparent to companies and the market about our voting recommendation record and is committed to doing so as part of our best practice principles.  As such, post-meeting public disclosure of each recommendation made by PIRC can be accessed here.

PIRC’s experience means we have developed a sophisticated approach to proxy research and voting recommendations. Coupled with our pioneering spirit and robust engagement approach, our experience means that PIRC can recommend voting positions designed to deliver changes up to the scale of the challenges. Because unlike others for PIRC there are no routine items on the AGM agenda.


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    PIRC’s Shareholder Voting Guidelines provide clients with robust voting positions on directors, report and accounts and shareholder resolutions to ensure the highest corporate governance and ESG standards.

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    PIRC works with clients that want to tailor voting positions to their individual ESG needs and expectations.

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    PIRC uses these guidelines alongside our comprehensive company research and risk rating analysis to provide proxy reports and make voting recommendations.

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    Following agreement from the client PIRC executes their votes.

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    PIRC provides analysis and feedback on voting results to its clients.